Advice on Getting a Scholarship (1)

Congratulations on making the bold step of deciding that you want to study abroad on scholarship. Scholarships do not come easy and are usually competitive. However, if you do things right, you stand a better chance of earning one and fulfilling your dreams of studying abroad for free or partly sponsored. So, what are the things you should do to earn it? Here’s our advice to you:

1.       Do not go solo. Have a partner, group of friends or join a community of like-minded people who are interested in the same goal of achieving a scholarship. The simple reason is that you get more information, share tips, inspire and learn from each other as you apply.

2.       Subscribe to newsletters. That’s easy. Make sure you subscribe to newsletters on sites that can notify you of scholarship opportunities; and like/follow the pages of scholarship information blogs on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

3.       Be clear on the field you want to study. Decide early which course you want to study so that you can direct your focus on getting the scholarships that apply to that field. For instance, if you want to study public health, You can find scholarships that specifically target scholars that are interested in Public Health

4.       Determine if you are qualified. You will not qualify for all scholarship opportunities obviously. So read the requirements of each and determine if you qualify based on your criteria like your nationality, gender, age, academic history, etc.

5.       Adopt smart tactics to improve your chances of qualifying. There are millions of people around the world looking for scholarships. To out-compete the rest, you have to be smart in your approach. The following tips can help:

a.       Apply to non-popular scholarships. If you apply for scholarship that few people know about, you have fewer competition and higher chance of getting it.

b.      Apply to uncommon destinations. Many people are looking for scholarships in particular countries. Therefore you may stand a better chance if you apply for scholarships in countries that few people go to

c.       Write a good application. Go the extra mile to write a good application and have it proof-read by someone you can trust. Your application is key to succeeding.

d.      Do not write a generic application for all scholarships you are applying to. Take your time to make a tailored application for the scholarship you are applying to

e.      Ask questions. Seek clarifications from the source of the scholarship or from people who have been beneficiaries and ask for how to make a good application

Final words:

This is only a short summary you can follow to help you on the way. Be aware that you are competing for scholarship positions with a lot of people from across the world. Do not expect it to be as easy as ABC. Challenge yourself and draw inspiration from scholarship beneficiaries (find them on facebook, linkedin etc. and connect with them). Also, get your close friend, family or people with similar interest in scholarships to be involved. Better if you do not do it all by yourself.

 Good luck and Watch out for more tips from us


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