Diversity Abroad AIFS Achievement Scholarship

The Diversity Abroad AIFS Achievement Scholarship offer opportunities to USA students to study abroad at 29 international universities while earning academic credit. Customized Faculty Led programs are also available.

Scholarship Summary
Level: Undergraduate, College Institution(s): Member institutions
Location: 29 international Universities Field(s): Any field
Target: Americans Deadline(s): October 01, April

Each semester, AIFS offers up to 2 semester scholarships of $5,000 to outstanding students from under-represented groups. Applicants must demonstrate high academic achievement and/or participate in community service activities. Diversity Abroad Achievement Scholarships can only be used for AIFS programs. A complete list of program options can be found at this LINK. The usual deadline for the completed scholarship and program applications is April 15 for Academic Year/Fall Semester or October 1 for Spring Semester (as at 2016).

 AIFS program locationsEngland, Wales, Ireland, Poland, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Costa Rica, South Africa, Spain, Portugal, France, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Czech, Turkey, Russia, India, New Zealand


To be eligible for the Diversity Abroad AIFS Achievement Scholarship, you must:

  • be applicable for AIFS Achievement Scholarship
  • be of good behavioral and academic standing with home institution
  • be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • have completed submission of scholarship application no later than the deadline for the respective semester

note: Economically disadvantaged students, first-generation, students with disabilities and ethnic and racial diverse students are strongly encouraged to apply.

How to Apply for the Diversity Abroad & AIFS Scholarship

For additional information and instructions on how to apply for an AFIS scholarship program, please visit here.

All students applying to AIFS Customized, Faculty-Led Program can view information about getting started on their application here. As a partner, the home institution maintains academic control over their students while abroad. Faculty from the home institution teach their curriculum abroad (with optional use of local adjunct professors), and the school determines admission criteria and selects and enrolls students.

Candidates can find the application online on the website or this link. The following are the diversity criteria that this scholarship supports:

For detailed information on how to apply, visit the Official Website and for information about AIFS benefits, see here


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