Heilongjiang Government Scholarship for International Students

The Heilongjiang Government Scholarship is a scholarship award intended to promote the development of higher education of International students in Chinese provinces and cities. It is also aimed at improving talent cultivation, scientific research, social service, and cultural exchange.

Scholarship Summary  
|Level: Undergraduate, Masters, PhD |Institution(s): Heilongjiang University, China
|Location: China, |Field(s): Any
|Target: All (Excerpt Chinese citizens) |Deadline(s): 15 June, 2017

This Heilongjiang Government Scholarship is one of the many scholarship programs established by provinces and cities in China to attract more outstanding international students to study in China. The Government of Heilongjiang Province has established the Scholarship in effort to further promote development and make progress on scale, level and service ability of the international students’ education of Heilongjiang.

The Heilongjiang Government Scholarship is to support international students with excellent performance, who are willing to study Heilongjiang University for various degrees. There are 10 available slots for Heilongjiang University. The scholarship covers Tuition , Registration Fee , Fees for Basic Learning Materials , Accommodation Fees on Campus , Comprehensive Medical Insurance , Internship Fee , Laboratory Experiments Fee. The duration of study is 4 years (5 years for medical studies).


To be eligible for this scholarship, candidates are expected to:

  • Be non-Chinese citizens (with a foreign nationality over four years).
  • Have acquired a diploma equivalent to Chinese high-school graduate
  • not be greater than 25 years of age.
  • Comply with laws and regulations of the Chinese government and rules and disciplines of the host institutions.
  • Not be currently studying in any universities in China.
  • Not be awardees of any other scholarships.

How to apply for the Heilongjiang Government Scholarship for International Students for Bachelor Degree

To apply for the Heilongjiang Government Scholarship for International Students, you need to first search for the Heilongjiang University (or any other institution of choice) here and then follow the application instruction to apply.

Applicants are expected to hand in applications in written forms in accordance with provisions of the scholarship class before the given deadline.

It would be helpful to visit the China Scholarship Council (CSC) and/or the China University and College Admission System (CUCAS) websites for complete information on how to apply for this and other scholarship scholarship.

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