Bournemouth University Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship for International Students

The Bournemouth University Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship is a scholarship offered by Bournemouth University in recognition of academic excellence. Application is welcomed from students from China, India, Nigeria, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, USA and Vietnam.

Scholarship Summary  
|Level: Postgraduate (Masters) |Institution(s): Bournemouth University
|Location:  UK |Field(s): All (offered by Institution)
|Target: China, India, Nigeria, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, USA, Vietnam |Deadline(s): 31 May, 2017

The scholarship is for all masters level courses offered at the University. It is open to students applying for a full-time postgraduate course with Bournemouth University (BU) who has achieved a high level of academic study in their undergraduate studies. The scholarship is paid as a reduction in your tuition fee for the year.

In addition to your academic achievements, you will also need to showcase an outstanding personal profile through your personal statement in the application form.

The value of the scholarship award is 50% tuition fee reduction.


To be eligible for this scholarship, candidates should fulfil the following criteria:

  • Must be from China, India, Nigeria, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, the USA or Vietnam
  • Have gotten admission or currently studying a full-time taught postgraduate course at BU
  • You cannot receive this scholarship if you have applied for a distance learning course
  • Should not be a current holder of any other BU scholarship

How to apply for the Bournemouth University Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship

To apply, you will need to fill in an application. You should fill this Application Form to start your application. If you would prefer to complete a paper application form, please contact Bournemouth University at

For further inquiries kindly visit the Bournemouth University scholarship page.

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