Top 7 Generous Scholarships for International Students in 2017

Are you a bright student looking to study overseas and in search of the perfect funding opportunity?  Well, this might just be the time for you to end your search. Many institutions world over, especially in the USA, EUROPE, CANADA, UK and ASIA are providing scholarships to attract people like you for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in different fields. We have taken the pain to compile top 7 scholarship opportunities for you. Read through and you might just find one that would end your search.

#1       University of the West England (UWE) Millennium Scholarships for International Students

Fully-funded scholarships don’t come along too often and when they do, only the best candidates grab the offers. The University of West England (UWE) is one of those fully-funded scholarship opportunities for people like you to study in a prestigious university in the UK. The available programmes include MBA, Finance, Accounting and Financial Management, Innovation and Applied Entrepreneurship, Global political economy. MORE INFO…

Scholarship Summary  
|Level: PostgraduateMasters |Institution(s): University of the West of England, UK
|Location: UK, |Field(s): Any
|Target: All |Deadline(s): 30 April 2017 (for September 2017 Intake)


#2       Amsterdam Merit Scholarships for Africans and Non EU/EEA Students

Amsterdam UniversityThis is yet another opportunity for international students to study in the UK. The Amsterdam Merit Scholarship (AMS) is for the brightest minds world over, particular students outside the European Economic Area holding a non-EU/EEA passport. The interesting thing about this scholarship is the sizable number of awards – about 120 awards in the past. You may be lucky to get a slot. In case you need more conviction, each award is worth between €6,000 and €21,000. MORE INFO…

Scholarship Summary  
|Level: Undergraduate, PostgraduateMasters |Institution(s): University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
|Location: Europe, |Field(s): Any
|Target: All |Deadline(s): 1 April / 1 August 2017


#3       Distance Learning Scholarships for Developing Commonwealth Countries

scholarshipsIf you are like me, you would rather prefer an opportunity to study from home and obtain a degree from reputable institutions somewhere in the world. Well, here is a perfect opportunity. The Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships offers opportunities for recipients to study for a UK Master’s degree while living and working in their respective countries. You even get to choose a school of your choice from over 20 partner institutions. MORE INFO…

Scholarship Summary  
|Level: PostgraduateMasters |Institution(s): Any, UK
|Location: UK, |Field(s): Any
|Target: All |Deadline(s): 12 May, 2017


#4       Holland Scholarship for Non-EEA International Students

Holland scholarshipSo let’s say you wouldn’t want to study in UK but rather somewhere else in Europe. How does Holland sound? If it catches your attention then this might just be the right opportunity for you. The Holland Scholarship provides opportunities for international students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) to undergo bachelors or masters degree study in universities in Holland. Several institutions are available to choose from. The scholarship is not for full sponsorship but is nonetheless enticing. READ MORE…

Scholarship Summary  
|Level: Undergraduate, PostgraduateMasters |Institution(s): Any, Holland
|Location: Europe |Field(s): Any (Several)
|Target: All |Deadline(s): 1 May, 2017

#5       Heilongjiang Government Scholarship for International Students

Would you rather go somewhere in Asia for your study, how does China sound? You could experience new culture, language, and people and acquire unique knowledge. If it sounds fun to you then maybe the Heilongjiang Government Scholarship is for you. This is a scholarship award intended to promote the development of higher education of International students in Chinese provinces and cities. This scholarship is fully-funded with 10 awards given each year for international students to study in Heilongjiang University. MORE INFO…

Scholarship Summary  
|Level: Undergraduate |Institution(s): Heilongjiang University, China
|Location: China, |Field(s): Any
|Target: All (Excerpt Chinese) |Deadline(s): 15 June, 2017


#6       INSEAD/Syngenta MBA Scholarships for Developing Countries

INSEAD Renaud Lagesse ScholarshipsHow does €22,500 grant sounds? Enticing I would say. Well, you may just make it a reality for yourself. This isn’t meant for your bank account sadly but it will acquire for you something unforgettable – a Business Administration degree from one of the leading Business Schools in the world. This MBA Scholarship is offered by INSEAD in partnership with Syngenta for developing countries. You get the chance to study in one of three countries of the world – France, Singapore and United Arab Emirates. MORE INFO…

Scholarship Summary  
|Level: Postgraduate (MBA) |Institution(s): Syngenta, INSEAD
|Location:  France, Singapore, Abu Dhabi |Field(s): Business Administration
|Target: Developing Countries |Deadline(s): 08 May, 19 June 2017


#7       SINGA Doctorate Scholarship in Singapore for International Students

SingaporeFully-funded PhD research opportunities don’t come along too often. The SINGA Doctorate Scholarship is one those rare opportunities. This is an attractive scholarship opportunity offered by the Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA). Every year, about 240 scholarships are awarded to students from all over the world under the SINGA Scholarship scheme. This means that you may just be one of the lucky candidates for this research opportunity this year. MORE INFO…

Scholarship Summary  
|Level: Postgraduate (PhD research) |Institution(s): A*STAR, NUS, and NTU
|Location:  Singapore |Field(s): Science, Engineering
|Target: All |Deadline(s): 1 June, 2017


You may also like to have a look at other scholarship opportunities available in CANADA, AUSTRALIA, USA, ASIA, UK and EUROPE.

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