IMD MBA Class Scholarship for Emerging Markets

The IMD MBA Class Scholarship targets young leaders from developing countries. The scholarship program is meant to enable leaders from emerging markets to earn MBA degrees at IMD.

Scholarship Summary  
|Level: Postgraduate (MBA) |Institution(s):  IMD
|Location:  Switzerland |Field(s): Business Administration
|Target: Developing Countries |Deadline(s):  30 September, 2017

IMD is an industry leader in management training in Switzerland. This year’s scholarship would be offered to selected candidates to undergo study in Business Administration leading to the award of MBA degree. It is not clear how many awards will be given but it is most likely going to be two awards. Application is welcomed from candidates from all developing countries.

In terms of benefit, IMD has appropriated CHF 200’000 for the scholarship program this year. This amount is to be split between the winners of the scholarship.


Candidates looking to apply for the IMD MBA Scholarship must demonstrate financial need by completing IMD’s Financial Aid Application. In addition, candidates will require:

  • Good academic results (GMAT)
  • Strong reference letters, preferably from their current or previous employer
  • Clear career focus and demonstrate steady career progression

How to apply for the IMD MBA Class Scholarship for Emerging Markets

Before you can apply for the IMD MBA scholarship, you must have been accepted into an IMD MBA Program. You must complete the MBA Financial Aid Application Form (when requested) and submit your essays before 30 September 2016.

You can visit the scholarship announcement page for further information on the IMD MBA Class Scholarship opportunity.

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